Tri Cities
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    • Joint Commission Accredited

      Select Specialty Tri-Cities is accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission sets standards to ensure patient safety by requiring that patient care be performed in a safe and secure environment. Joint Commission accreditation can be earned by many types of healthcare organizations, including doctor's offices, nursing homes, surgery centers, behavioral health centers, providers of home care services, and hospitals. Types of accredited hosptials include: - General - Children's - Long Term Acute Care (LTACH) - Oncology - Psychiatry - Rehabilitation - Specialty (Cardiac, Orthopedic, Surgery)

    • Tennessee Department of Health

      The Tennessee Department of Health licenses and verifies compliance with state and federal health and safety standards in supervised health care facilities as mandated by law. The department conducts regular on-site surveys to assure health, safety, sanitation, fire and quality of care requirements and to identify deficiencies which may affect state licensure or eligibility for federal reimbursements under the Medicare program.